The main reason your surgeon will recommend endoscopic sinus surgery is:

Other reasons include:

  • Recurrent Acute sinusitis: Acute sinusitis is an infection of your sinuses caused by a bacteria and that lasts less than 2 weeks. Recurrent Acute sinusitis means that you have more than 3 episodes of sinusitis per year, that need to be treated with antibiotics. In some cases, your surgeon may recommend surgery to reduce the frequency and intensity of the infections.
  • A mass or growth in your nose or sinuses: If you have a mass or growth inside your nose or sinuses, your surgeon may need to take a biopsy or remove the mass in the operating room.
  • A mass in the Skull Base or Pituitary tumour: Since the base of the skull and pituitary gland are located just behind your sphenoid sinuses, some tumours can be removed by creating a passage through the nose without having to make skin incisions or opening of the skull bones.
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