Saline rinses:

You should start using your saline rinses or sprays every day right after your surgery. This will allow all the crusting to come out and prevent infections. Follow the guidelines given to you by your surgeon.

Nasal steroids/antibiotics:

Depending on the cause of your sinusitis and the extent of your surgery, your surgeon may recommend you take nasal steroids or antibiotics after your surgery. In other cases, you may need to wait a few weeks before re-starting your sinusitis medications. Talk to your surgeon to learn more about how and when to take your nasal sprays after surgery.

When should I re-start my blood thinners?

In general, you should avoid blood thinners such as NSAIDs (Advil and others) for at least 5 days following your surgery.

If you are taking blood thinners such as ASPIRIN, WARFARIN (COUMADIN), PLAVIX (CLOPIDOGREL) or other blood thinners, talk to your surgeon to see when you should start these medications again after surgery. It will depend on the reason you are taking them and the risk of bleeding from your surgery.

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